Traffic Levels: 1-2 Gbps Traffic Ratios: Balanced Geographic Scope: Continental Protocols Supported: Unicast & Anycast IPv4 / IPv6 Exterior routing Protocol: BGP-4. Routing Policy: Peering session with ASN will advertise all Airgapped routes Peers should advertise all of their prefixes over all peering sessions, unless other policies have been agreed. Please limit max-prefix to 400 routes without previous agreement. Use Unique filter AS/Prefix of traffic, for transactional routes (tbd on case basis).
Peering Policy Information:
  • General Policy = Selective, but generally open peering policy (case-by-case)
  • Specific Policy = Restrict Transit to Self and down stream routers, unless previously
    agreed iptransit partnerships have been arranged..
  • MUST connect to at least 2 of our Route Servers
    *Fully redundant networks with sufficient capacity to exchange traffic without congestion.
  • Ratio Requirement = no
  • Contract Requirement = Not Required Generally.
  • *Filter list Decision based on AS Path to prevent leakage
  • *Peers may be selected based on performance, capability, and where there is mutual benefit, and subject to certain technical requirements.
  • *Acceptance of MED’s evaluated on case-by-case basis. *We only accept Publicly routable ANS’s (unless private agreement is arranged) *Both ipV4 and ipV6 are supported
    *Aggregate several specific (contiguous) routes into larger announcement routes (highest CIDR boundary) where possible.
    *Don’t use “*” wildcards in requested route filters.
    *Min EXTERNAL Internet announcement : at least one /24 ipV4 or /48 ipV6.
    *Min IP announcement : at least one /24 ipV4 or /48 ipV6.
    *NOC should be reachable 24/7
    *Networks to have peeringdb entry to help simplify network fixes and discovery. *For Internet network sanity, make sure to filter out private IP addresses on public access.
    Unless a custom Private peering setup i.e. VPN, using no-global ip’s. *MD5 authentication keys are not recommended, but we reserve the right to require for BGP sessions. *Circuit line rates of less than 1mbps will only be send partial or default routes.
    Minimum line rate for full routes is T1 (1.44mb) of bandwidth. *Unless previously agreed for inter IX transit use; Please, No static routes, or routes of last resort, or send traffic to the other party for a route not announced over BGP *Inform Core admin if entire routing tables are used to aid with load-sharing and if there is data Transit across our network for each peering link or Default (gateway) only routing tables OR if a Default route is needed; (router will have only one learned route) *Another option is to take a country specific (domestic routes) and default. This greatly reduces the table size and still allows for data adjustments. *Come to an agreement of the routes you plan on sending us ahead of time each network will be filtering everything you send us. (have the IP (v4 & v6) ready ahead of time) *Use EBGP-Multihop for load-balancing multiple circuits only. (Exception: Some exchange locations may require multihop) *If agreement for settlement-free peering is not reached, arrangement for payment is possible. (Negotiated on case-by-case basis)